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Qual è la sequenza

Ripetizione ( o “tempo” per la formazione ) TRX Italia si riferisce al numero di volte che si fanno qualche azione TRX , come estensione permanente della schiena , tirare attraverso o luccio rotto . “Cycle ” si riferisce al numero di attività ripetitive che dal male . Il principio tenore di forza muscolare è due cicli , ciascuno da 10 a 12 volte. Se non è possibile completare 10 volte il peso che si sta utilizzando , significa che il peso troppo . Se siete 15 volte , TRX Suspension Training alla fine del secondo ciclo , significa che si sta utilizzando il peso troppo leggero . Ricordate , la formazione diversa bisogno peso diverso . Rispetto a un gruppo muscolare o esercitazioni congiunte , più gruppi muscolari e / o più esercitazioni TRX Trainer  congiunte bisogno di più peso .
Come si diventa più forte e più forte Aumentare il numero di ripetizioni necessarie per i muscoli di crescere , questa regola si applica a qualsiasi uso o non uso il peso effettivo per l’allenamento della forza . Non importa quante volte lo fai , secondi tra le ripetizioni dovrebbero essere 4-6 secondi . Devi essere lenta e controllata quando ripetere qualsiasi atto .


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TRX trainer that I have to mention

In this TRX Trainer review I TRX Italia want to present to you the real facts about the product so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth your investment. The TRX Suspension Trainer was created by a Navy SEAL named Randy Hetrick and he first discovered the idea when he needed a piece of portable fitness equipment to use while travelling. Eventually the creator of the TRX decided he was on to something and would go on to make his portable fitness equipment to the world.One of the main benefits of the TRX trainer is the fact that you can take it pretty much anywhere. They really try to market the TRX as a gym in a bag that you can just throw in your backpack and get your workout in wherever you go. When I was doing research for this TRX trainer review I realized that it only weighed a couple pounds and when I went travelling it easily fit into the corner of my suitcase. I also tried out the doorway accessory, which works rather well, but I still prefer to anchor the TRX to something sturdier than a door.I was also fairly impressed with the quality of the fitness product as the whole thing was made up of durable straps, handles, footholds and an anchoring system. It’s such a simple system that works so well, and I’ve recently begun seeing more and more TRX Trainer companies come up with their own cheap imitations of the TRX suspension trainer but none of them seem to function nearly as well or be made of such high quality.The amount of exercises you can do on the TRX trainer is really unlimited and the best part is you TRX Suspension Training can easily make the exercise more difficult just by changing the location of your body in relation to the anchoring. It’s a great way of using your own bodyweight as a tool to get in a great workout pretty much wherever you are. Some of the exercises I did in preparation for this review of the TRX trainer were atomic push-ups, low rows, 1-legged burpees and rollouts.I’ve used the TRX trainer with many of my clients who are trying to rapidly lose fat because with it I’m able to get more muscle recruitment than I would if they were training on machines or even free weights. The only negative part of the TRX trainer that I have to mention in this review is that it’s not on the cheap side. You’re looking to investment almost a couple hundred dollars for the TRX suspension trainer and if that’s too much for you then you’re better off sticking to free weights. But if you’re looking to elevate your fitness level and lose some fat at the same time wherever you go then the TRX trainer is going to be the answer.